This post is a bit off topic, it is to introduce you to my new project on the pipeline, which I’m looking forward that you become a part of it!

Project Overview

As a student I always wanted a tool that could organize the files I download, create…etc, under one roof with easy access to “get and set”. Thus the idea of this ‘Thunder Archive’ had born, providing me with an interface supporting extra accessories like “Todo” list and other features to be mentioned later. I am developing this using C# as it’s relatively more comfortable for designing GUI.


Although being in the embryonic stages yet, the software support the following:

  • An interface for managing your tasks for the day, as well as an option to put the less pressing tasks on ‘stand-by’ for later tackling. Moreover, a reminder list of an upcoming events.
  • Arranging homework assignments  in one list with options to attach the actual file of the HW itself (i.e as a PDF).
  • Same as above for exams.
  • Since each semester a student could embark on more than one course, the software also provides an archive for all the courses.
  • Having private documents and information(i.e grades sheet, CV, passwords), the software provides a storage for that data which accessed via a secured password known only for the user.
  • Being a caring student, it’s a key to have future plans(i.e what courses to embark on the next semester or whatever you’re planing to do), thus, the software gives a room for that as well.

Meanwhile, those are the features I want to implement, if you have anything useful to add or modify, I’m all ear!

Screen Shots

p1 p2 p3 p4

p1 p2 p3 p4

Click the thumbnail bellow to see demo in Youtube!


Source Code I will create soon a new page dedicated for this project under the page “Projects” in the menu above! Stay tuned!