Imagine this situation…

When reading from multiple PDF files, it’s such a pain to keep track of them all, as a fact, i KNOW every student was in this situation: (ha? say what? :0)

C# for the rescue

I had came up with an idea of designing a PDF Player  which allows to open multiple PDFs and to keep track of all of them!

Wait…wasn’t this the problem in the first place? huh?!

Well, Yes!! <smile face of your choice>

So please let me show you my awesome solution..

The GUI interface:

The new enhanced look with more improved features
The new enhanced look with more improved features
That what welcomes you when breaking into my world ^ _^
That what welcomes you  ^_^
Of course, you can rename every file and get it updated on the tab-bar
Closing a specific tab to get it removed from the tree view on the left as well. NOTE: the file is *Not* deleted from your computer!!
You”ll never get enough from this book…(say what?!)


Isn’t it brilliant?! 😀

Damn straight it is.