Say you upgraded to Windows 10.

Did it take you long to notice the refined UI comparing to Windows 7 even! did it?!

Of course not!

Thanks to that modern style, we now can have an amazing looking frames on our screens! Making work more enjoyable!

I have been wondering…

What it takes to make such a cool looking UI, using nothing but what comes with C# .Net libraries?!

No external dll references you say?!


As a matter of fact (a secret I kept it from you!) it’s even more than enough!

check this out: it is a rather simple UI for a project which me and Hesham Yassin are kickin’


That looks freakin’ SHARP!!

Managing the UI itself, is as challenging as “hooking it to the wires”.

When you look at a screen, you see colors!

And this is the only thing which keep you looking…If the recipe is right!

I hope my recipe was right for you 🙂

The code of that amazing UI is waiting for you on my Github! so click Here!

Keep codin’!