Online files’ storage and personal data, including images and memories, is booming too quickly, so fast.

Think about it

Each time you upload a picture of your cat to the internet, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or even Google Drive! there is one goal in your mind:

This moment is special to me, and I’m keeping it alive as long as I can!


Keeping every file on your phone (or computer), will simply drain every bit of memory on the device, resulting in degrading its performance, which will be observed as long latency or poor battery life and power management, let alone overheating!

It’s a nightmare! No doubts.

When choosing a storage service, it’s important to keep those main points in mind:

  • Availability – Way of saying: “Plug n’ Play”!
  • Auto Sync – The last place you want to be in is when your operating system starts deleting your files to free-up some space, while realizing they have long gone!  Since you have not synced them with your online storage!
  • Security – No one is secured, we are all doomed! The question is, whether I will be the last one standing!

To keep this mission personal and your files emotionally close to you, me and Hesham Yassin, will reveal today how to back them up, using only your router at home and any USB storage device would work fine!

The development of this trick yet works on Android devices, thus, there ought to be one nifty App to handle all the heavy lifting, so you won’t even care to notice, and focus on the things that matter to you!

How it works?!

It’s so charming! What do we need next?!

  1. Find yourself a USB flash drive and plug it into the USB port on your router.
  2. Get the Free App to your Android device.
  3. Connect to WiFi.

And you’re in business!

You are doomed last, my friend! Because:

  1.  You are running on the internal network.
  2. By default, the router doesn’t expose the SMB to the external network.

This method is proving its success! It is something we actually use!!

Finally got the time to quit worrying about your space running out whether on platforms like Dropbox, or what not! Because it is right into that flash drive you assigned!

We are so looking forward to your feedback! So we can refine it and make it way better than it already is!

Drop your thoughts in the comments bellow, we’ll take this step together 🙂