C# MIPS Simulator

I decided to put my knowledge of logic design and computer architecture into practice. Therefore, i made this humble MIPS Assembly compiler using C# (video demo at the end):

A rough layout description of the code

simple straight forward GUI to write whatever code this thing understands in order to (magically!) change the binary values of the registers on the right!that error list..has been no good to me lately...since i know what i code, therefor, i still haven't put an implementation for it yet!Just like in books and papers! here is your glorious data memory and the mysterious instruction memory, standing for your service.no wonder how scary that instruction memory seems...you're definitely desperate for some flushing button..that's exactly what the rightmost button on the tool strip above is made for!


That feature im still working on..as i can foresee, it might derive the course of the code to a whole new level! can't wait to resume the work again!
That feature(adding new instruction) im still working on.

Video demo:


visit this link to see the whole project: https://github.com/ThunderWiring/MIPsimulator

Ending with a personal walk-through:

After finishing the course and passing the final exam..I simply wanted to feel the glory of the information I acquired, since my only focus during the semester was how to ace the exam and finish the HWs!!

I really hope that gave you something to think about..if you need any direction whatsoever drop a comment bellow!



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