Indoor Navigation

Introduction and objective

Indoor Navigation is an analog situation to navigation on streets, in which you’re most likely are using a GPS device. The problem is, in Indoor navigation, you’re “navigating” inside of a building or a closed space in general, which bring us the problem of precision.

The GPS gives precision up to 50 meters, which is large for the inside of a building!

Our objective is to harness the existing technologies in order to make a device which is precise enough for the inside of a building.
The types of buildings we’re dealing with today are shopping malls or airports or any hectic indoor space.

idea presenting – Wave Expansion

each building has a blueprints, which shows the internal architecture of the building.
Our demand is to put a transmitter at each targeted location by the crowed, i.e the toilet, or exit of the building.

an example of a building blueprint that shows what is behind the walls

Now we want to build a device, to be held by every person in the building, that reads the signals of the transmitter and calculates how strong the signal is.
Moreover, each device of those can also transmit its location based on the signals it received and how close is it to the specific location.

What we yield form this is that the other devices which could recognize that specific device could also transmit in return that they are close to that specific location, therefor, if somebody intends to get to that place, he could do so by reading the signals of the other devices who are close to the source.

Each device could transmit more than one location, based on the signals it receives.
If the devise gets far enough from the source of the transmitter, it will stop to transmit that location and starts to transmit another close by one.

Pay off

  1. The people themselves navigate each other(without intention!).
  2.  the transmitters in the building could be anything like bluetooth or the Wi-Fi in the      building.

~to be continued!



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