Tourner Physics

This is an international tournament where groups of high-school students who are physics enthusiast take on a project which is to build a safe that opens according to a physical principal.

The challenge in that is to make sure that the final product works accordingly and performs what it suppose to implement, in this case, the door of the safe should open.
That projects requires to consider all the possible forces in nature that might affect the performance of the physical principal that we’re working according to. Unlike in high-school physics which gives an ideal environment(i.e without the force of friction)  in order to solve problems on paper..

Our safe was “The Resonance Safe” something very special and never made before according to the staff.

The safe in action:

Here are some pictures taken from the tournament showing also what other groups have also made:

Team members:
Ayman Abahry – Mentor :
Rashed Saed:
Mohammed Nassar:
Ibrahem Sawaed:
Bassam Yassin:


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